Meet Dr. John Hamilton

Published March 19, 2021
Dr. John Hamilton

Next week’s Voices for Justice conversation with Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump will be co-moderated by California State University, Long Beach’s Dr. John Hamilton, Associate Vice President, University Access & Retention.

Meet the Moderator
Dr. Hamilton has long advocated for equity and diversity in urban schools, both as an educator in the LAUSD, and through teaching Cultural Diversity, Multicultural Counseling and Socio-cultural Foundations courses at Pepperdine University, National University, and Occidental College.

Now, as Associate Vice President, and as co-chair of the CSULB President’s Commission on Equity and Change, Dr. Hamilton implements practices that dispel myths and attitudes standing in the way of student success.

“Ben Crump uses the power of the law to highlight police violence against BIPOC communities,” says Dr. Hamilton. “I look forward to engaging Mr. Crump on how the law and education can address injustice and achieve reform.” 

Join Dr. Hamilton and Benjamin Crump on Wednesday at 5 p.m. PT on Zoom. Register today at