Memphis Jookin': The Show

Featuring Lil Buck

Powered by Nike

Fri, March 10, 2023 8pm

Direct from Memphis, TN, Memphis Jookin’: The Show features renowned dance artist and choreographer Lil Buck in an ode to Lil Buck’s hometown and to the singular dance style known as Memphis Jookin’. Trace Memphis Jookin's emergence from local street dance to international phenomenon as Lil Buck and ten highly skilled dancers perform to a DJ'ed soundtrack that evokes the energy of the streets and the clubs where Memphis Jookin’ was born. A Q&A follows the performance.

The dancers of Memphis Jookin' on stage in various poses.
Four members of the dance troupe walking in sync with their arms raised up.
Lil Buck in the air, arms overhead, one leg crossed over the other.
Several members of the dance troupe dancing on stage, exuberance displayed on their faces.

Lil Buck Puts Memphis Jookin on the map.


Watch a preview of Memphis Jookin': The Show Featuring Lil Buck, powered by Nike.

Lil Buck invites you to check out the show.