Imagining our reopening

Published April 15, 2021


This spring has brought true hope for the future of the performing arts. Thanks to the coronavirus vaccines and your efforts in staying safe, we can finally begin to imagine indoor performances again.

Reopening Plans
To make sure indoor performances are safe for our patrons, artists, staff, and volunteers, we continue to closely follow the guidance from CSULB leadership, as well as monitor and implement the guidance from state, county, and local health departments. We’re not quite ready to announce our reopening plans, but every day brings us closer to welcoming you back into our theatre!

Voices for Justice Series Event
Until we reopen, our virtual events continue! I’m thrilled that so many of you have been able to attend our Voices for Justice Series. I invite you to join us on April 24 as scholar and author Dr. Michael Eric Dyson discusses changing the narrative for success. His keynote address at the inaugural CSULB Black Alumni Scholarship Gala is sponsored, in part, by the Carpenter Center. The event is free and open to the community, and your welcome donation will directly contribute to student success.

Solidarity with our Asian-American and Pacific Islander Community
The Carpenter Center joins CSULB and the College of the Arts in condemning incidents of violence targeting Asian-American and Pacific Islanders. We reaffirm that we condemn racism and bias against any community. Learn how CSULB continues to combat racism, and find upcoming events and resources for addressing AAPI equity in our recent blog post.


Megan Kline Crockett
Executive Director